The MPF Athletic Enhancement program provides an individualized approach to the sport in which each client is involved. Our current 3600 square foot Athletic Enhancement facility is floored with astro turf  and include 3 Olympic platforms, squat racks, plyometric boxes, hurdles, Just Jump plyometric pad, as well as other modalities geared to improve athletic abilities.

MELT is a comprehensive “Eat This, Do That” program designed to Motivate, Evaluate and Educate! Fat burning and Teamwork are the primary focus of MELT.  MELT combines traditional exercises such as dumbbells, barbells, and body weight exercises with non-traditional sledgehammer chops, rope whips and more!

Personal training sessions will focus on acheiving your specific needs and goals.  MPF trainers propel you beyond routine performance – we train you to achieve optimum fitness, health, and body composition.  We treat each individual as such and develop a program based on goals, health history, orthopedics history, our fitness assessment, and the abilities of the individual.

Whether you are preparing for the upcoming recreation season or in need of reducing body fat, improving flexibility, dynamic and static core stability, cardiovascular health, or increasing strength levels, Maximum Performance & Fitness will help you reach your potential.  Flexible ½ hour and 1 hour training sessions are offered Monday thru Saturday.


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